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As a PQ coach, you know better than anyone how important it is to help your clients develop their positive intelligence. And that is why we offer you the perfect tools: the Positive Intelligence Assessment and the Saboteurs Assessment.

PQ Assessments
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Professionalize your coaching practice

by making your results measurable

Positive Intelligence has given us permission to completely recreate the assessments and translate them into 6 different languages. The result of the assessments is exactly the same as on This allows you to offer the PQ Assessment and the Saboteurs Assessment to your coachees in a language accessible to them.

How great is it if your coachees
can see their own development
by completing the assessments
at the beginning and end of your coaching program? 

With these online assessments you can help your customers measure their PQ and identify their saboteurs. And if you want, you can offer it in multiple languages and in the corporate identity of your coaching practice.

If a (potential) customer completes an assessment, you will immediately receive a notification with his contact info. This way you can quickly get started interpreting the results and preparing effective coaching sessions.

Moreover, in the "Exclusive" subscription you can use your own email address and domain name in communications. This way, your customers can complete the assessments in a familiar and recognizable place and your practice will have an even more professional appearance.

You can also use the assessments for team development. By conducting the assessments with the entire team, you gain insight into the individual strengths and pitfalls of team members and you can work specifically on improving collaboration and communication within the team.

As a coach, do you want to use these assessments and take your professional image to a higher level? Register today and start immediately improving the positive mindset of your clients. With these assessments you are assured of a professional appearance and a high-quality product that contributes to the personal development of your clients.

Try it yourself now!

I understand that you first want to know what the assessments look like. I could have chosen to show some screenshots, but I think it is important that you can experience it, because after all, this is what your (potential) customers will also experience. That is why you can complete the PQ Assessment and the Saboteurs Assessment below in the PQ Assessments corporate identity or with a modified corporate identity.

Just imagine what this would look like in your own corporate identity...

Positive Intelligence

Based on the technique of Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine.


Based on the technique of Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine.

Packed with features you'll love

Insight into results via your own website

If people complete an assessment via your own website, you will gain insight into the contact details of the person completing it and the result of the assessment. This gives you more insight into your visitors.

NB: Every person completing the form is a potential customer.

  • Insight into results
  • Contact details for clients
  • Measurable results
  • ¿Hablas español?
  • Do you speak English?
  • Parles-tu français?

6 different languages

The PQ Assessments are available in Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. These are not automatic translations, but self-made translations.

Option: your own corporate identity

From the Standard package onwards, your PQ Assessments are made available entirely in your own corporate identity. You can easily adjust colors, logo and fonts in our management screen.

  • Your own colors
  • Your own logo
  • Your your fonts
  • Trusted email address
  • Recognizable for your coachee

Option: own e-mail address

With the "Exclusive" package you also have the option to have e-mails of the PQ Assessments sent from your own e-mail address.

Option: your own domain name

With the "Exclusive" package you have the option to offer the PQ Assessments under your own domain name, such as

  • Familiar environment
  • Extension of your website

Your Investment


per month

  • Positive Intelligence assessment
  • Saboteurs assessment
  • Standard branding
  • Maximum 5 responses per month
  • With PQ Assessment branding



  • Positive Intelligence assessment
  • Saboteurs assessment
  • Own branding
  • Maximum 50 responses per month
  • With PQ Assessment branding



  • Positive Intelligence assessment
  • Saboteurs assessment
  • Own branding
  • Unlimited responses
  • Without PQ Assessment branding
  • Available via own subdomain
  • Emails sent from your own email address

30 days


If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing tool, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If you experience any issues, just contact me and I will personally either help you until you get the results you need or give you a prompt refund.

About Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence is an approach to personal development developed by Shirzad Chamine. The goal of Positive Intelligence is to help people increase their mental strength by focusing on strengthening positive thought patterns and reducing negative thoughts that can cause self-sabotage.

The program is based on the belief that positive intelligence is a crucial factor for personal and professional success. Positive Intelligence emphasizes the importance of developing a positive mind and controlling negative thought patterns, which are often referred to as "saboteurs".

The saboteurs are inner voices that encourage self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. Examples are the Inner Critic, Worried, Pleaser and Control Freak. Positive Intelligence provides tools, including the Saboteurs Assessment and the PQ Assessment, to identify these saboteurs and then strategies to reduce them.

An important concept in Positive Intelligence is the idea of the "Sage", which represents the part of your mind that is calm, clear and positive, and able to respond effectively to challenges. Developing the "Sage" is central to increasing your positive intelligence.

The Positive Intelligence program contains practical exercises and techniques designed to help you be more resilient, positive and effective in different aspects of your life. The ultimate goal is to improve your mental fitness and have a positive impact on your well-being and performance.

PQ Assessment

The PQ Assessment, also known as the Positive Intelligence Quotient Assessment, is a central part of the Positive Intelligence program. It is a measuring instrument designed to determine your positive intelligence. Positive intelligence refers to the ability to deal with challenges positively and be resilient in pursuit of goals.

The PQ Assessment measures the ratio between positive and negative thinking patterns in your mind. It contains questions aimed at identifying the different saboteurs who can influence you, similar to the Saboteurs Assessment. In addition, it also measures the extent to which you have positive thinking patterns, such as empathy, self-esteem and optimism.

After completing the PQ Assessment you will receive a score that reflects your positive intelligence. The Positive Intelligence program, developed by Shirzad Chamine, then provides guidance and exercises to help you increase your positive intelligence. This includes techniques to recognize and reduce saboteurs, as well as cultivating positive thought patterns to be more resilient and successful in various aspects of life.

Saboteurs Assessment

The Saboteurs Assessment is part of the Positive Intelligence program, developed by Shirzad Chamine. The goal of the Positive Intelligence program is to help people increase their mental strength and maximize their potential by identifying and reducing negative thought patterns.

The Saboteurs Assessment is a self-assessment tool designed to identify the various 'saboteurs' in your mind. Saboteurs are negative thought patterns that can self-sabotage you and hinder your ability to be happy and successful. Examples of saboteurs include the Inner Critic, the Worried, the Pleaser and the Control Freak.

By becoming aware of these saboteurs, you can take steps to reduce them and replace them with more positive thinking patterns. The Positive Intelligence program then provides exercises and strategies to help you strengthen your mental fitness and develop more positive mental habits.

The goal of the Positive Intelligence program is to increase “positive intelligence,” which is considered the ratio of positive thought patterns to negative thought patterns. Higher positive intelligence is linked to better mental health, resilience and performance.

About Pieter Naber

"At the age of 15 I became a volunteer at the Leiden Lifeguard Center. I grew from assistant instructor to Lifeguard trainer. Later I used these experiences by combining my position of Senior Software Engineer with the role of (Agile) Coach. As an entrepreneur I am still still active as a trainer and coach.

With PQ Assessments I can combine my experience as a Senior Software Engineer with my experience as a trainer and coach. I find it very inspiring to work together with other trainers and coaches. And if I can help you a step further, together we will make the world a better place."

With warm regards,


How does differ from the assessments?

It does not. The questions, the answers and the result are completely the same. So your coachees will get the same results on your website as they would if they went to Only with you can offer the test in your own native language (Dutch, German, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish).

Why do I have to pay for PQ Assessments?

If you send a coachee to, only he or she will receive the results. As a coach, you have no insight into whether the assessments are completed or the results of the assessments.

Via PQ Assessments you gain direct insight into every assessment completed via your website. This way you are completely in control.

Moreover, with the standard package you are able to offer the test in your own corporate identity, so that it feels familiar to the (potential) coachee.

And if you choose the exclusive package, you can also offer it entirely via your own domain name, so that the person filling out the form gets a very professional impression of your practice.

If you include the investment for PQ Assessments in the price of your coaching program, the tool is actually free for you.

Which languages are supported?

We currently support English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

When can I use the PQ Assessments?

Once you have paid, the tool is available to you. You can immediately forward your link to your coachees or add it to your website.

Do I need technical knowledge to use the PQ Assessments?


How are responses counted per month?

We count submitted entries. So someone who does not send the assessment will not be counted. If someone takes the assessment twice, this is also counted twice.

Can I (or you) get in trouble with

Naturally, we asked for and received permission from the team. This is because they have no plans to offer the assessments in multiple languages. And in the end we just promote the useful tools of